What is Contact Combat 


Contact Combat (Krav Maga) is a full contact functional martial art system for the purpose of Self Defense. We teach combat as a science.


What we are not


Contact Combat is not a sport or style. We give no ranks, no belts, no titles and no uniforms. We are not a gender specific system. Violence sees no colour nor gender. Training is not special to anyone. Everyone is welcome.


Weapon conscious system


Weapons are part of real combat and violence. Therefore we place a lot of emphasis on how to fight with them and with out them, against them. Sticks, bats, batons, blades and weapons of improvisation are all covered and taught with in the system. The main premise is scenario-based training.


Full contact and functional


The system has been formulated from top down bottom up study. This means we have tested all techniques, principles and methodologies under full contact pressure. The system is therefore designed and committed to teaching what works and throws out what does not.


a Prepared Mentality


Pre conflict preparation and criminal consious mentality. This can be compared to why we put a seat belt on when we get in a car. This is why you train on a regular basis and why you carry EDC.




The system is adaptable and accessible to everyone military, law enforcement and civilian.




The system will educate you about the reality of violence. Knowledge is power. The more you know, the safer, stronger and more confident you will feel and act.


Martial Art


Stripped of all the non-sense this is a “ Military Art”.  We call it -


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Our system is independent. Our system is up to date. Our system is studied directly in Israel.
— Ryan Davies