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Confidence is the foundation to success
— Unknown

PRIMAL Kids- our goal is to build, Strong, Confident and Safe kids. The training is geared to be as fun as possible relying on creativity to think and act under pressure. We put a lot of focus on building skill from the ground up focusing on the fundamentals.

  1. Strong - Strength of mind, strength of body, strength of spirit. A strong child is a confident child.

  2. Confident - A confident child sees life as a challenge and welcomes it. Confidence is built with achievement through hard work. The goal of becoming good at something and the importance of “practice”

  3. Safe - Having realistic expectations of life and its limitations. The study of what is dangerous and the difference between right and wrong.

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PRIMAL Kids Martial Arts By Founder Ryan Davies

1) Dynamic Stretching

2) Core strength development

3) Striking (punching and kicking)

4) Take downs , throws & anti grappling

5) Ground Animal Movements, get ups and rolling

6) Sword and stick fighting plus drills