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Here we unleash our beast, so that we may walk in peace
— The ying and yang , duality in life

Founder Ryan davies


Ryan Davies has been training in and experimenting with many martial arts since he was a child. It’s hard to say how many influences he has had over the years. The one thing that is certain is that he endlessly pursues knowledge in combat. Ryan has passion for studying combat systems. The past 10 years Ryan has been on a scientific pursuit of the study of real world combat systems and methods ( Krav Maga / Israeli combat system). He has had the fortune of training with and under many international Industry leaders and professionals at the highest level. His Knowledge is reflected through his coaching.

Ryan has actively traveled internationally, trained, competed, taught, certified and represented full contact sport and Self Defence systems– Muay Thai/ Krav Maga / Armed Combat & Tactics / Street Survival System.

founder Zanalee davies


Zanalee Davies has been in the fitness industry for 10 years, working and coaching alongside her husband Ryan Davies.

Zanalee has completed her CrossFit Level 1 whilst also running her own CrossFit Box, Howling Wolf Crossfit. She has gained knowledge in kettlebell training and competed in national powerlifting competitions.

Through understanding these various methods, Zanalee has established her own strength and conditioning program COACH ZAN.

liale francis


Muay Thai by Kru Liale Francis

Kru Liales’ passion, knowledge and focus for Muay Thai striking full contact application, techniques and tactics makes him an excellent coach and representative of the sport in South Africa. Liale is qualified, affiliated and recognised by both the South African Muay Thai Association and the Word Muay Thai Council www.wmcmuaythai.org

JAN valentine oberholzer


Jan takes a holistic approach to training. Calisthenics and movement foundation. I love helping people who are completely new to fitness move better, look amazing and get strong.

  • Qualified Exercise Specialist

  • Qualified Nutrition Coach (PN1)

  • Currently styling advanced movement neurology