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Building a body fit for life is about continuous, realistic and sustainable daily habits and rituals that you maintain over your life time.
— PRIMAL GYM method

PRIMAL GYM - Our fitness system, our methods, our classes are programmed by experienced professional coaches to increase your overall strength and metabolic conditioning whilst working according to your own unique abilities. Whether you are looking to build muscle, loose weight or just looking for a fun alternative to the general gym, PRIMAL GYM programming can definitely help you in achieving your fitness goals.

We make use of and combine the following-

  1. Kettle bells/ Dumbells/ Barbell

  2. Calisthenic strength and animal movement

  3. HIIT- high intensity interval training

  4. Heavy Bag Work


The point is to get strong while remaining functional, healthy and injury free. The motivation is longevity through the responsible practice of movement and strength disciplines.


  • Increase overall strength

  • Confidence Building

  • Gaining optimal body functionality

  • Joining a like-minded community of amazing individuals