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Ryan Davies on Man Cave South Africa

Thank you to SABC Man Cave for having us on to what we do. Krav Maga and Armed Combat & tactics expert instructor Ryan Davies on @ 10.48.

Armed Combat & Tactics South Africa director Ryan Davies

Promotion for Armed Combat & Tactics South Africa Ryan Davies. Knife, Machete , empty hand, full contact sparring its all there.

By Ryan Davies

Knife fight Break down - Armed Combat & Tactics South Africa

Ryan Davies A.C.T director South Africa break down of knife vs knife sparring. Knife combat like all combat defiantly has algorithms and human patterns that can be study, trained and exploited to win in combat. Above is a very good example of this. You can clearly see Ryan testing his opponents reactions followed by setting up tactics to create a win.

By Ryan Davies

Armed Combat & Tactics Sparring fragments - Knife vs Knife

A complication of sparring and wins knife vs knife. This is what A.C.T is all about. Full contact sparring with safe training simulators the “spatha”. A.C.T covers one on one sparring, MO multiple opponents, empty hand vs knife. The full arsenal of combat with and without weapons.

Fight as you teach, teach as you fight.

By Ryan Davies

Armed Combat & Tactics - Drawing under pressure - Multiple Opponets

Street Survival System integration Armed Combat & Tactics. Under the pressure of MO multiple opponents- a street style gang attack, this video shows one example of how to transition from empty hand striking, to drawing you EDC carry. For safety in training we are using the A.C.T street Spatha training simulator.

By Ryan Davies