Knife fight Break down - Armed Combat & Tactics South Africa

Ryan Davies A.C.T director South Africa break down of knife vs knife sparring. Knife combat like all combat defiantly has algorithms and human patterns that can be study, trained and exploited to win in combat. Above is a very good example of this. You can clearly see Ryan testing his opponents reactions followed by setting up tactics to create a win.

By Ryan Davies

Armed Combat & Tactics - Drawing under pressure - Multiple Opponets

Street Survival System integration Armed Combat & Tactics. Under the pressure of MO multiple opponents- a street style gang attack, this video shows one example of how to transition from empty hand striking, to drawing you EDC carry. For safety in training we are using the A.C.T street Spatha training simulator.

By Ryan Davies

Alexander Zhelezniak founder of Armed Combat & Tactics

A.C.T 2018 Promo for Alexander Zhelezniak Seminar and S.W.I.C instructor course.

By Ryan Davies

Armed Combat & Tactics - Rush counter

There are no rules to armed confrontation, however that does not mean the laws of the universe do not exist here. The example above shows the danger of forward aggression in armed combat. You simply should not rush into a sharp object, especially against a well trained or experienced opponent.

Think about how many martial arts teach you to go forward at all costs. The phrase “ if you are not going forward then you are not wining the fight”. Nothing could be more untrue when it comes to an armed fight. Martial Arts that teach you to shoot in will not work here, they have no context here.

Knowing and having the skill to rush counter comes from trying and studying the mental physiology of why people feel the pressure to rush in a fight, armed or unarmed. Studying how to created pressure on your opponent, so he rushes as an emotional response and exploiting that with in him.

By Ryan Davies

Armed combat & tactics - Face shots

Fight Stopper-

A clean strike to the face can stop the fight. The shock of impact or being cut on the eye, it’s an unpleasant experience to say the least. We train with professional safe training simulators “ The Spatha” designed by Alexander Zheleniak and Noah Gross. The Spatha is designed for full contact fighting. We are able to hit each other with full force and not cause major injury. The Spathas keeps you safe and protective goggles are worn to protect the eyes and nose. Notice even with a safe knife training simulator and protective goggles the shock factor fo being hit in the face- it most often stops the fight. Image the real thing impact or edge weapon in reference to self defence and the value of the face shot to stop an attacker.

By Ryan Davies

Armed Combat & Tactics 2017

Fragments and snippets from 2017 Armed Combat and Tactics training, teaching, touring and fighting. Ryan Davies has be traveling religiously to Israel since 2010 for the purpose of studying, training, Israeli martial arts systems, Krav Maga / Armed Combat & Tactics / Street Survival System.

In 2017 would be the 1st year that Ryan took a South African team to israel for the Armed Combat & Tactics and Street Survival System annual fight camp.

By Ryan Davies