Armed Combat & Tactics history South Africa

To serve as “PART 3” to my Israeli Martial Arts story to date-

“It was not until I picked up the weapon did I find my true teacher”

This is the original and official history of Armed Combat & Tactics South Africa 🇿🇦

Special thank you too Alexander ZhelezniakNoah GrossMisha Rostoverand Darrel Haltmann

Woman Fight Back

Personal Safety Course - as initiative to help we have started a corporate woman only Personal Safety Course.

Based on A.C.T (Armed Combat & Tactics) and S.S.S (Street Survival System) adaption. The course is 8 hours and can be run over 8 weeks or a weekend and serves to teach the bare necessities of self defence and survival.


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Ryan Davies on Man Cave South Africa

Thank you to SABC Man Cave for having us on to what we do. Krav Maga and Armed Combat & tactics expert instructor Ryan Davies on @ 10.48.

Krav Maga Pros South Africa

Krav Maga by Ryan Davies

Krav Maga, an Israeli martial art defence system developed in the 1940s during World War II, is fast gaining popularity in South Africa. Rosebank's Primal Gym owner and trainer, Ryan Davies, says after being a victim of violent crime in 2008, he went to Israel to learn Krav Maga with the aim of bringing the self-defence system to South Africa. Davies says a lot of people are using Krav Maga as an alternative to usual gym routines, as it also offers something practical.

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