Armed Combat & Tactics - Rush counter

There are no rules to armed confrontation, however that does not mean the laws of the universe do not exist here. The example above shows the danger of forward aggression in armed combat. You simply should not rush into a sharp object, especially against a well trained or experienced opponent.

Think about how many martial arts teach you to go forward at all costs. The phrase “ if you are not going forward then you are not wining the fight”. Nothing could be more untrue when it comes to an armed fight. Martial Arts that teach you to shoot in will not work here, they have no context here.

Knowing and having the skill to rush counter comes from trying and studying the mental physiology of why people feel the pressure to rush in a fight, armed or unarmed. Studying how to created pressure on your opponent, so he rushes as an emotional response and exploiting that with in him.

By Ryan Davies