private ANTI KNIFE - LEVEL 1 & 2

The AK1 - Survival is an 18 hour intensive "anti knife" personal safety course. 

Presented by Armed Combat & Tactics South Africa director Ryan Davies-

Based on real world knife attacks- we take an in-depth look into the mind and psychology of an armed criminal and the science for solutions to armed confrontation.

What are the benefits

We live in a country that safety should be every law abiding citizen concern. the AK1 - survival course is designed to give you peace of mind. Studying the nature of violence may seem like an unpleasant thing to do but it is a necessary to truly understand the beast it is. Knowledge is power and a prepared mind will always be the best solution to combat paranoia, dispel illusions and to rid yourself of victim mentality.

18 hours

Level one is 8 to 9 hours / level two is an additional 8 to9 hours / full course18 intense hours comprised with both theory, physiology and physical training. It can not be any less time. The AK1 - Survival is a serious INTENSIVE short course that requires commitment, focus, and willingness to learn. We are not here to waist your time or ours. The AK1 - Survival is perfect for anyone who needs a crash course and is unable to commit to regular training. Paramedics, Doctors, Nurse, Vip, Law enforcement, Journalist, Business professionals.


Armed Combat & Tactics / Street Survival System are international grouping of self defence and combat instructors. We teach one cohesive algorithm. Ryan Davies is an expert instructor, with years of experience. Ryan is not only internationally Qualified, he teaches from his real world experience as a survivor.

Scenario based

The AK1 - Survival is based on a life threatening gang style attack with edge weapons. The criminal behaviour as well as the victim behaviour have all been studied from real world attacks. The solutions and methods have been tried tested.

The Law

We are here to show you how criminals don't care for the law of man. We advocate and teach you how to ACT safely and logically within the law of man. The law of man and the law of the universe are not the same thing.


R 7000 - private full course level 1 & 2

R 3500 - private level 1 course only

R 8000 - CORPORATE group Rate level 1




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