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To be part of PRIMAL is to be part of a community striving for a higher quality of life, through the dedicated practice of PRIMAL activity. We are a Budo school (martial arts school).


Full contact functional martial arts - We train with the purpose of self defense and self improvement to become self aware.


Kick, punch, void, slip, fall, rollget down, get up, dance, fight- Martial Arts are movement.


Strong. Mind, body and soul. We train to build an honourable character and develop sustainable daily habits that you maintain over your lifetime.


Muay Thai is a combat sport that finds its origin in a noble art with antique traditions. It is also the Thai national sport. In Muay Thai competitors fight standing like in Western Boxing, but elbows, knees and kicks strikes are allowed, with the only protection being the glove. An important part of this fighting style is the clinch (standing wrestle). 

MUAY literally means “combat” and it derives from the Sanskrit (original Hindu language) word “Mavya” which literally means “unite together”. While the word THAI is an adjective of the thai nation, its meaning is “free people”. Therefore, the word Muay Thai is translatable as “Thai boxing/combat”.



Armed Combat & Tactics A.C.T. is an Israeli, full contact weapon fighting and self defence system , developed by Alexander Zhelezniak and Noah Gross.
It was formalised and introduced to the world wide community 15 years ago. 
A.C.T. is being taught on a regular basis in 20 countries up to date.

A.C.T. is about giving the student the tools to handle himself/herself in combat with and against weapons.

Translation? We teach people how to fight with weapons and effectively defend against them, whether the student is armed or unarmed

Street Survival System S.S.S is a Russian / Israeli Striking Based full contact functional martial art system for the purpose of Self Defence.

The program works with and against street weapons - knife, cane, machete (Armed Combat & Tactics) in combination with hand-to-hand fighting based on the synthesis of French Savate, Bare Knuckle Boxing, Karate and Silat. Street Survival System is Armed Combat & Tactics empty hand plug in system.


PRIMAL GYM - Our fitness system, our methods, our classes are programmed by experienced professional coaches to increase your overall strength and metabolic conditioning whilst working according to your own unique abilities. Whether you are looking to build muscle, loose weight or just looking for a fun alternative to the general gym, PRIMAL GYM programming can definitely help you in achieving your fitness goals.

We make use of and combine the following-

  1. Kettle bells/ Dumbells/ Barbell

  2. Animal movement body weight

  3. HIIT- high intensity interval training

  4. Heavy Bag Work