Fight Lab - Counter off block empty hand vs knife

Reality training vs sport martial arts fighting defiantly cross pollinate at some point. Surviving does not mean hanging around for a fight like we do in sport competition. Its means always having and exit plan. Training to strike effectively takes time and dedication. Applying an effective strike in a life and death situation might just save your life.

Anti Knife - A.C.T South Africa - Free personal safety education.

Lets get real here, can you afford to look away? Education can save your life and it is our personal mission to help you feel safer and secure with our free safety education.

We will show you the criminal behaviour, whats going to go wrong and what can go right with proper planning and training.

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Your life and safety matters


Weapon Fighting

Combat is not easy to train. It is a complex science that requires indepth study of human behaviour patterns. It requires realistic training with combat integrety. It takes time to study and piece all its fragments together to acquire the necessary skill. It is a painful art to practice. 

We are a full contact system. " Fight as you teach, teach as you fight."