Founder Ryan has spent  most of his life trying to work out which martial arts systems are the best for self defence. A question that has taken him to many places and taught him many life lessons. A question that has not had an easy or clear answer, but gave him the gift of experience and made him a teacher and leader in his field. 

Ryan Davies is the current director of A.C.T Armed Combat & Tactics Africa

Contact no: 082 678 1371

Class Rate: R 1 600 unlimited monthly

Private Rate: R 450 per hour



Founder Zanalee Ex fashion stylist, who believes that true confidence is not something you put on and wear. It is a personal choice you make to work hard to create the body and life you want so that you can be the person you really are with or with out Cloths.

"longevity is the ultimate reward, and there is no deadline."

Contact no: 083 325 7163

Class Rate: R 11000 unlimited monthly

Private Rate: R 350 30 to 40 minutes



Krav Maga Coach Bradley Mills is a life time martial artist. He holds black belts in both Karate and Yawarakai Japanese Jujitsu. In his early 20's Brad work as a paramedic. His work to save lives would also expose him to the harsher side of life and the reality of violence in South African communities. Today he fuses his martial arts experience with his street wisdom. Brad knows his trade and is a valued coach to the PRIMAL team. Brad and Ryan Davies have been collaborating in Krav Maga since 2013. Brad teaches authentic up to date Israeli Krav Maga tactics and self defense. Expect a full contact class studying the criminal behaviour around real world attacks and training in the tried and tested solutions. This Knowledge comes direct from the highest sources.

"Calm but alert. Relaxed but ready. Smooth but sharp. Humble but dangerous equals confident and safe" 

Contact no: 083 501 1243

Class Rate: R 200 per person

Private Rate: R 400 per hour


PRIMAL Combat & Tactics coach Deon Lodewick is studying directly under Ryan Davies and completing his full apprenticeship. This alone states very positive things about Deon's character, ability to teach and coach the PRIMAL standard of living.

Contact no: 071 4994 653

Class Rate: R 200 per person

Private Rate: R 350 per hour