The Art of Armed Confrontation.
to Jul 15

The Art of Armed Confrontation.

Alexander Zhelezniak Founded of Armed Combat & Tactics and head of system is coming to South Africa, this July.

1) SWIC 1- short weapons instructor course.

( for martial artist with 10years experience and teaching i.e Krav Maga / Weapon based systems)

500 euros / approximately R 7 200 / 18 hours training / July 13 to 15.

2) Knife & Machete weapon fight seminar.

R 600 per person / limited space / 4 to 5 hours seminar / 5pm to 9pm Sunday the 15th.What to expect?

A complete Martial Art 🥋 and ⚔️ full contact weapon fighting system.

" the art of armed confrontation"

A.C.T is the mix martial art of weapon combat. We teach you how to fight with and without weapons, against weapons.

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